Mission Strategy


Playing Paintball is pretty simple. You can win either by capturing your opponent’s flag or by shooting everyone in the opposing team.

Paihia Paintball has three uniquely challenging courses so we can cater to groups of any size
and ability.

Action Paintball

Our action course was described by a NZ Paintball Champion as one of the best courses he has ever played on and offers a variety of hides and obstacles including a water feature that divides the course in two. The field is large but you can easily see from one end of the field to the other. This field is suited to large groups of all fitness levels and there are a number of games that can be played, depending on the size and ability of your teams. This is the perfect course for groups wanting to focus on team building skills.


The Speedball Course is a tournament field. It features two 4.3m high multi-storey forts and a variety of barricades. This course is perfect for smaller groups who want a fast, hard game. Players need to be fit and fearless.

Bush Course

This course is good for groups of any size. It’s a game of stealth and strategy where patience and skill lead to victory or if you’re a bit more of a kamikaze style player it’s where guts leads to glory!