Tips for Troops

Tips for Paintball Virgins

Wear protection! Your enemy can’t shoot what they can’t see, so stick to neutral colours like green, brown, black and grey. Wear different colours top and bottom, solid blocks of colour are easy to spot outdoors. Camo gear will make it even harder for anyone else to set their sites on you and serious players always black out the soles of their shoes.

Get a grip! Paintball is about getting down and dirty so leave the designer sneakers at home. Wear footwear that provides good traction and plenty of ankle protection.

Harden up! It’s just a little sting but it doesn’t last long and once you get into the swing of it, you won’t want it to end. Just don’t let the fear of a little pain make you play like your nana. If you’re concerned then feel free to bring along a vest, elbow and knee pads, (not to mention cups for the blokes and padded bra’s for the girls).And since it’s all good fun till somebody loses an eye we provide and insist on the use of safety masks. We also suggest you wear a cap backwards under your mask as it may help the goggles fit better and it definitely reduces exposure to the back of your neck… that’s one bruise you don’t want to have to explain to the boss

Don’t stop! You’ll undoubtedly be nervous the first time but that’s perfectly normal. Keep your eyes open, keep moving and follow the lead of more experienced players. Running a zig-zag pattern may help your credibility, will create the impression you’ve done this before and help you avoid taking an early hit.

Size matters! Look for something big to get in, under or behind. When you’ve made it to safety, cover your team mates while they’re on the move. Remember to keep checking behind you – an assault to the rear can be hard to recover from.

Stuff you gotta have

A sense of humour is a must!

Bring your determination, some brave pills and if all else fails some cash for extra ammo.

We recommend you pack some rations too because no army marches on an empty stomach. Help yourself to the barbecue if you fancy a feed afterwards, it’s free to use.

The blood might be fake but the sweats real. We’ve got a good hot shower so you can clean up your act after the game – bring your own soap and towel and a change of clothes.

And don’t worry – the paint washes out no problem at all.